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Lipstick Bar

Soft matte, creamy feel,
extreme pigmentation.

Item No : LPB-CRE-HOL-486

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    Our long-lasting and high-pigmentation lipstick is the perfect choice for a chic and sleek look delivering a soft matte that matches up with any outfit. It has a light and subdued texture which can be felt from the very first application as it effortlessly slides on the lips, providing with an intense and consistent color.

    They are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from classic tones to the most daring ones.

    colection of Lipstick bar MarCosmetics

    ABSORBENT MICROSPHERES: their intense tones and hues have a long-lasting and waterproof effect that produces an irresistible matte finish to the lips.

    MACADAMIA AND ROSA MOSQUETA OILS: arguably one of the best moisturizers that can be added to a lipstick, these oils combined provide lush nutrients to the lips which right after being applied, generate a remarkable perception of care.

    AVOCADO BUTTER: Acts as a barrier to the skin from the exposure of harmful radiation, harsh temperatures and solar beams. It softens, moisturizes, regenerates, strengthens and gives elasticity.

    NATURAL WAXES AND VEGETABLE OILS: combined they create a satin finish to the skin, they are natural moisturizers that when applied they feel pretty light. Its achieved fine texture is pulled off thanks to the combination of fine oils and vegetable shortenings that provide an adequate balance of Omega 3, 6. They also moisturize and nourish the lips throughout the day, maintaining very efficiently its intense and sharp color.

    SHEA AND CACAO BUTTER: because of its substantivity to skin, it is an excellent additive for long-wear cosmetic products. But not only that, they are one of the best emollients and are able to enrich the texture as well as to provide softness and creaminess to the lips.

    This product is free of animal cruelty and parabens.

  • USE & TIPS

    To create the impression of voluminous lips, start by applying the lipstick from the contour of the mouth with a brush and redefine its shape once again to gain a sharper tonality, finally apply the lipstick to give your lips the final makeover.

    We recommend using micellar water and/or make-up removal products to get completely rid of the lipstick bar at the end of your day.