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Night Palette

Eyeshadow Palette

Matte or bright. Soft or intense.
Get the perfect match, regardless the occasion.

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    The three shadow palettes contain hand-picked and key ingredients that enable a flawlessly accomplished natural or sophisticated, matte or gleamy look adding depth and dimension to your eyes.

    The DAY palette has neutral and nude shades for your every-day activities and routines; the ESSENTIAL palette has neutral and darkish colors to establish a classic and edgy look and finally, the NIGHT palette which is made up of intense tonalities to gussy your look up a notch.

    All the colouring used in these palettes have a non-comedogenic formula, which prevents the pores from getting clogged. They also have the quality of being water resistant and contain a long-lasting sharp pigmentation.

    Example Eye Shadows Mar Cosmetics
  • Example Eye shadows Night Mar Cosmetics


    Beeswax:because of its substantivity to skin, it is an excellent additive for long-wear cosmetic products. But not only that, it is one of the best emollients and is able to enrich the texture as well as to provide softness, creaminess and elasticity to the skin.

    Shea butter:It is suitable for all skin types and helps keep it elastic, soft and moisturizing.

  • Utilization and tips

    Use this steps to apply the product:

    Use a sponge tip applicator or a brush.
    First off, apply the lighter shade on the inner end of the eyelid. Subsequently, apply the darkest shades around the outside of the eyes. Finally, mix appropriately the tones mix to produce a blurry and fuzzy highlight effect.

    We recommend using micellar water and/or make-up removal products to get completely rid of the Lip Gloss at the end of your day.