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Intense color and a long wear 
effect for the perfect lips. 

Item No : LLI-MAT-BRAVE-166

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    Our liquid lipstick formula contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients for a comfortable sensation that keeps the lips moist for a long period of time without drying up. Grant yourself a chic look with a duration longer than 12 hours.

    From the first application, the liquid lipsticks get the lips immediately pigmented, generating an delicate matte finish that feels eminently light on the lips and does not leave a thick or burdensome sensation once worn.

    Our liquid lipsticks are free from animal cruelty, parabens, gluten and any kind of minerals.

  • Liquid Lipstick Mar Cosmetics product description


    SILICONE-BASED FORMULA: creates a velvety and radiant finish, which remains in place and does not wear out even with all of the movements of one’s mouth, keeping the lips moist all the time. Due to its content of fine oils and vegetable shortening (Omegas 3, 6 and 9) the liquid lipstick provides an adequate balance of fatty acids and creamy textures that moisturize the lips throughout the day and maintains its intense and sharp colorful shades without drying up.

    KARITÉ AND CACAO BUTTER: because of its substantivity to skin, it is an excellent additive for long-wear cosmetic products. But not only that, they are one of the best emollients and are able to enrich the texture as well as to provide softness and creaminess to the lips.

    ARGAN AND MEADOWFOAM OILS: moisturize and condition the skin providing lubricity on contact, improving the application and leaving no greasy or sticky effects on the lips.

    JOJOBA OIL: it is a natural moisturizer for the lips that can remain for an extended period of time. It has the quality of creating a magnificent shining effect and rendering the lips look even more healthier and attractive.

    ABSORBENT MICROSPHERES: their intense tones and shades are maintained for much longer providing a long lasting matte finish, with incredible water resistance.

    This product is free of animal cruelty and parabens.

  • USE & TIPS

    Apply the liquid lipstick on the upper lip and color it evenly from the center to the outer edges, following the curves of the mouth. Finally, repeat the same procedure on the lower lip. Use the tip of the applicator to get an enhanced application which comes in handy for a more well-defined lips. 

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