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Lash Me


Volume, long lasting and water resistant
mascara & growth to the eyelashes.

Item No : MAS-BLA-LAS-145

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    • Mar Cosmetic Model using makeup products


      BEESWAX: has the quality to moisturise and dehumidify in order to prevent dryness which would eventually cause the eyelashes to fall.

      ALOE VERA: thanks to its vitamins and nutrients it is able to naturally enlarge the eyelashes, to boost their growth and to keep them healthy and hydrated.

    • USE & TIPS

      Use Lash Me for every occasion, you can create a natural and delicate look to and intense and head-turning one, the choice is yours.

      To achieve a natural look, we recommend you apply one or two layers, sliding the brush from the base to the tip. If you are looking for a more daring and intense look having greater volume on your eyelashes apply two or three layers, sliding the brush from the base to the tip, from above and below until you achieve the desired effect.

      We recommend using micellar water and/or make-up removal products to get completely rid of Lash Me at the end of your day.