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Pure Diamond


Microfibers and ultra soft materials.

Item No : 31142975570020

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    Pure Diamond is made up of microfibers and ultra soft materials. When it is being submerged in water it can grow by as much as twice its original size. Once Pure Diamond is wet, it impregnates your skin without letting the makeup being absorbed, thus leaving an uniform and smooth coverage.

    In addition, its diamond-shaped design allows you to cover and access every feature of your face without much effort required.

  • Tips and utility

    Its innovative design will facilitate the application exhaustively in any part of the face. To use it correctly, follow the next steps:

    1. Dip your Pure Diamond in water.
    2. Squeeze it out and release any excess of water using your hands or a towel if it is necessary.
    3. Place the makeup (whether if it is liquid or powdery) with light and gentle pats using the flat top when applying it in large surfaces, and use the diamond tip in areas that require greater precision.

    We recommend cleaning your Pure Diamond after each use as followed:

    1. Dip the Pure Diamond in water and squeeze it to get rid of all the remains.
    2. Add natural soap to the sponge and knead it till it is filled up with soap, while doing so drench it in water until it is wholly clean.
    3. Rinse it once again with water.
    4. Squeeze it dry and let it dry up.