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Strong Gloss


Shine, long lasting gloss.

Item No : LGG-GLO-STRO-546

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    Lip Gloss comes in different types of hues that contain tiny particles with a diamond-like effect, creating and maximizing the brightness and volume instantly.

    Its formula with polymer technology provides water-resistant and reflecting properties against solar beams in order to render an extra plump effect. In addition, they are composed of natural ingredients that moisturize and protect the lips from the first application.

    The Gloss is also enriched with castor oil that contains proteins, minerals, fatty acids (omega 3) and vitamins shielding the skin of the lips from premature damage caused by environmental factors. (The product is free of animal cruelty and parabens.)

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    CASTOR OIL: mainly contains moisturizers, and it is an outstanding regenerator and antimicrobial.

    AMARANTH SEED OIL: provides Omega 3 which is the rejuvenator par excellence. It furnishes the ideal softness to the skin. Moreover, it holds an incredible amount of vitamin E, which tightens the skin and softens wrinkles.

    QUINOA SEED OIL: is an antioxidant that provides Omega 3, 6 and 9, giving a good amount of hydration, nutrition and glow to the skin. Not only that but it generates elasticity and the capacity of skin regeneration. This oil is a powerful anti-aging agent.

    This product is free of animal cruelty and parabens.

  • USE & TIPS

    Apply the Lip Gloss on the upper lip with a brush and then color it evenly from the center to the outer edges, following the curves of the mouth. Finally, repeat the same procedure on the lower lip.

    We recommend using micellar water and/or make-up removal products to get completely rid of the Lip Gloss at the end of your day